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Fannies Listening w/ Advice and Peer Support

FLAPS: Welcome


FLAPS is a new initiative by Fanny Riot to provide on-site advice and personal support at festivals from 2022 onwards. Our trained and approachable team will be on hand for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or violence, is concerned, or simply needs a safe space to reset.



Alongside you in the fields, our approachable team are ready when you need us - no waiting on hold on a phone line.

Find our cosy space to chat or chill, where we have room for all at the womb-inn ;) 

If you're needing somewhere more private to disclose, fear not, we have calm private gazebo at the back of the tent where our team can take you for a chat and a nice cuppa.

Whether you just want a chat, or you need advice on what to do next after an incident, we are here to support you for as much as you need. 



Know exactly where to go, know you will receive informed support, know you will be taken seriously.

Our fannies are at the ready to chat to you about all things respect and consent, help you feel safe, or just have silly wee giggle (cause we believe that laughing is the key to changing minds).

They have all been trained by

Rape Crisis Scotland and Good Night Out Campaign

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We are currently running a survey to guide the support we offer.

To gain more knowledge about what people's feelings towards safety at festivals, and what more needs done, then please help us by filling in this survey:

(live now)

FLAPS: Programs
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