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Art Market, Fanny Bingo & Raffle
Sunday 27th Feb 2022

Hello tiny brave human beans.

Well done for being kind.

We held our Tiny Fannies Big Change - a one day mash-up event and fundraiser organised by Tiny Treasures funky art market and protest provocateurs Fanny Riot on Sunday 27th February at the infamous Dog House Bar on Clerk St in Edinburgh’s eclectic Southside.

The event will commenced with the market that held an incredible mix of tiny local artists and funky handmade wares.

Then we raised the roof with a real life, in-person ultimate fundraiser Fanny Bingo. Led by Bingo Master and educational guru Dr Fanny and her team, this take on yer grans mecca club classic pastime will be a body myth busting, sexual health educational race to the finish line; destigmatising body issues and giving participants the chance to engage in positive and proactive conversation about the body and sexual health along the way. 

And then, we drew our Fanny Raffle which tiny beauts won a bounty of prizes from tiny local artists.  

This all helped us on our fundraising campaign to make festivals safer (from big horrible abusive white cis-gender male ogres and silly people alike). FLAPS (Fannies Listening with Advice & Peer Support) will be coming to a festival near you this summer, helping our fellow party people create the safer spaces we all want and deserve. Whether you’re a anti-shaver, a crusty raver or you just love that old festival flava, we all need to play our part in making consent sexy.

From this shmega amazing day, we managed to make a mammoth £851, all because of your kindness!

Be a tiny fanny dinnae be a big dick.


Tiny Fannies Big Change: About Us
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